Project Management

Solid project management ports and terminals, implementation and project steering.

Strong and solid project management is the backbone of PORTSandTERMINALS projects. From the most important phase, the scope definition to the commissioning and go-live.

PORTSandTERMINALS has extensive experience with project implementation of:

  • TOS systems
  • Port Community systems
  • Training programs
  • Automation
  • Equipment construction and commissioning
  • Supervising Construction
  • Labour organisation
  • General design and master planning

We strongly believe in  “simple and brillant project management”, and the competitive advantage of common sense, as described by Fergus O’Connell:

  • Most problems are simple, or can be split in simple steps.
  • Know exactly what you try to do
  • There is always a sequensen of events
  • Things do not het done if people don’t do them
  • The result is seldom as planned or expected
  • Things are or are not. Finishing a taks is binary. Things are finished or not.
  • Look at things from different perspectives
  • Do things within the shortest possible time.

Do you want to learn about our vision on project management? Contact us for a meeting to discover how you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

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