Select and implement ports and terminals equipment and technology to manage , control and optimise the Processes

Efficient terminal management depends on the right choice of equipment and technology: cranes, stacking equipment, TOS (Terminal Operating System or Container management  system),  Position  detection systems, gate systems, OCR..

Terminal processes need the right and adapted technology. PORTSandTERMINALS assists when defining, selecting, acquiring and  supervising  the  implementation  of  equipment and technology. Our philosophy is that technology and equipment should support your terminal processes and should at the same time incorporate proven practices on your terminal. Technology should not limit or constrain operational processes, not in any way! Today, there are many equipment and technology solutions and various vendors. If you are looking to buy equipment or technology for your terminal, the expertise of  PORTSandTERMINALS will help you make the right choice.

Equipment or technology: we define requirements to select the best solutions.


Make the right choice for managing your terminal operations and select the technology best fit and adapted to manage and support operational processes. Implement technology to enhance and improve operations. Do not invest in technology to be trendy.


Whether you are looking for equipment, a Terminal Operating System (TOS), or other IT solutions such as gate automation systems, position detection systems, OCR systems for quay cranes and equipment or an access control system. We define the operational processes and technological requirements to find the best match with the offering available  in  the market.

Our full range of services starts with the definition of the requirements and operational processes and lead to the final selection of the vendor meeting the expectations for your operational environment. Typically, these expectations are of a technical, contractual and service nature.

RFI and RFP Processes

Based on these expectations and on our expertise, we will write your RFI (Request For Information) and the RFP (Request For Proposal). Trial scenarios and proofs of concept may also be part of this selection process. We will organise and lead vendor meetings to obtain in-depth information and validate the vendors’ proposals.This process will eventually lead to a shortlist of preferred vendors. Together with your purchase and technical department we will negotiate the purchase, implementation and service contracts with the preferred vendors.

Project management and follow-up

After the selection of the vendor, PORTSandTERMINALS can supervise the implementation of the technology and assist with acceptance testing and follow-up health checks.

Deliverables may include: process descriptions, proposals for operational improvement, RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Proposal), short listing of vendors following a proven methodology, definition of test cases, final vendor selection, assistance during contract negotiations, follow-up and guidance during technology implementation, supervision of acceptance testing, assistance during health checks,…

After signing the contract, the implementation process starts. This phase is requires a lot of attention and is very important to have realised what you will pay for. From actual scope definition to commissioning and go live, you can count on our project methodology.


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