Ports and Terminals operations generate service and revenue: every move counts!

The operational phase is the goal of every new port or terminal. This is point in time where a greenfield facility starts working an receives the first vessels, trucks, trains and cargo! The hands-on assistance during the go-live phase is crucial in the successful start of the operations. From that point on, monitoring and reporting are indispensable to continuously improve the customer service, increase efficiency and thus profitability.

Before the start of operations, all systems, equipment and procedures need to be tested in detail. Once all lights are green, and all business partners have been informed AND involved in the planned switch, the transition can be started. This transition is a huge step for any port or terminal and requires the utmost attention. Change management is challenging! Changes affect not only the staff of the port or the terminal, but also any of the business partners: customers, suppliers, customs, government and authorities.

PORTSandTERMINALS successfully manages go-live and operations with you! No matter how well the staff are trained, there will always be a moment in time that experienced workers ‘freeze’ when working with new equipment, systems or procedures. Most terminals or ports go through a transition only once or twice in their lifetime. Our experience from numerous transition processes takes the stress away, and takes into account all necessary steps.

For any transition, there is a series of events, a timing and a checklist! Consult us to learn how to manage a successful transition.

During the actual switch, we coach, lead by example, show how and teach. Saying what to do is easy, what matters is showing and explaining HOW! As with any transition, performance will be impacted at the start. The art is to keep that start period as short as possible. We know that for every port and terminal processes should be back to normal as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery of services and invoicing.

After the transition, regular reviews are necessary. A regular operational review by experts with worldwide experience will help you to overcome issues you might not recognise anymore because your staff is used  to doing things a certain way for too long, based on “experience and habits”.

Reviews are part of the PORTSandTERMINALS monitoring and reporting services and the Optimisation services.

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