Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting ports and terminals operations: be in the know.

Measure to know. A simple principle, not so easy to realise. The core component of any logistics, ports and terminals process is information. Information that needs to be accurate and available. That is the start of any process. Both customer and supplier are co-producers and need to cooperate. Monitoring, business intelligence and the appropriate tools are indispensable to see how operations went, to steer, to manage, to control operations and to continuously improve processes.

In addition, reporting about operations to customers is a must for any logistics company. Business intelligence goes way further than the reports produced by TOS or Port management systems. Real BI tools are capable to aggregate information from various sources: TOS, PCS, CMMS, HR systems, accounting systems etc. The real value comes from the predictive capabilities of the BI tool.

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Monitoring, reporting port and terminal operations: be in the know to optimise and improve customer service.

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