Master Planning

Master planning, feasibility studies and business planning: the basis for successful operations

Feasibility and Master planning is much more than developing a functional diagram of a facility. Master planning looks at the C ‘s of port and terminal design. Marketing has it’s P ‘s (Price, Product, Place and Promotion). In our opinion, Ports and Terminals design is characterised by the C’s: Cargo, Competition, Connections, Climate, Concept, Community, Communication and of course Cash!

Feasibility Studies and Master Planning

Is it possible to build a successful port or terminal? That is the question. The first thing investors and terminal operators want to do when looking to invest in the construction of a greenfield terminal, the takeover of an existing terminal or the acquisition of a share in an existing terminal is to evaluate the feasibility.

Feasibility is about the C’s! Marketing is about the P’s, terminal and port business is all about the C’s!

C argo: without cargo to be handled, to be imported or exported, there is hardly any need for a port or a terminal. The first step in a feasibility study is to look at cargo availability.

C ompetition: which other facilities are close and what do they offer?

C onnections: are good connection to the hinterland available or can they be built? At what cost? Along with this, the availability of utilities is indispensable!

C limate: Will the climate, hydrography allow for year round operations?

C oncept: What is the ideal concept?

C ommunication: From the start on, communication with the community is important to get buy in.

C ommunity: The community will supply the labour force. Port and terminal business is a service business and a people business.

C ash: What will the construction and the implementation cost? Will the facility be profitable?


We  deliver  feasibility  studies  based  on  geography,  expected  traffic  and  expected volumes, other ongoing projects, trade forecasts… Looking for an expert opinion on the feasibility of your project? Contact us today for a free consult to discuss how we can assist you in your projects.

A master plan is so much more that a drawing indicating operational areas, space for building quays etc. Master planning has a myriad of dimensions!


Business Planning: get the figures right before you start! We make realistic projections of the cost and revenue structure so that you know what you may expect.

A good and rock solid business plan, based on best practices and hands-on experience does not only give you a tool to see how your business will evolve, but is also the instrument to beat the competition. Realistic assumptions give you in depth insight in your revenue and cost structure, allowing you to optimise the usage of terminal and port resources.

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