Port and Terminal Services covering the full lifecycle of ports and terminals

From the early conception on until the optimisation, we provide you with every service spanning all disciplines with the focus on operations.




Feasibility studies, master planning, business plans



Implementation and commissioning

Training, staffing, selection

Safety and security, ISPS


Monitoring and reporting


Project Management


Our focus is on the operations. When reviewing plans designed by civil engineers, we assess and evaluate the operational feasibility.

Consultancy for Ports & Terminals from concept to operations

Ports, terminals –  containers, bulk, break bulk, liquids, cars, RoRo etc  –  and logistic operators, everywhere in the world, strive for efficiency and rentability while maintaining and increasing the service level for their customers.

Take advantage from our expertise and know-how : we think and speak stevedoring, transport, logistics, flow of commodities and operations. The design of a port or terminal is typically based on factors such as vessel schedules, call pattern, quay crane performance, yard area, inter modal connections, a market study, available yard, inter modal connections, commercial objectives etc. During the design of a terminal you do not only define the layout but also the constraints of the terminal: operational constraints, infrastructure constraints, equipment etc. The know-how of our experts will guide you from the design over purchasing, implementation, go-live, monitoring until the permanent optimisation of your port or your terminal. Our multidisciplinary approach also covers: strategy, business planning, operating models and strategy, partnership structures, feasibility studies etc.

Containers, bulk, break bulk, cars, RoRo, liquids etc. our expertise covers all commodities. Experience, common sense, availability, reactivity and communication characterise our approach ! From the concept phase of your project until the optimisation you can count on our personal engagement and the added value we will bring to the table, always bearing in mind your long term strategy and present operational needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and we will show you the benefits you will obtain. We do more than writing reports and deliver practical advice, turnkey and assist during the implementation.

We assist in all your projects: design and development, procurement, implementation, go-live, monitoring and optimization. 

After a feasibility study or an audit of the current operations, our experts will design and deliver a master plan matching your objectives. Following this master plan, the economical study will focus on the financial feasibility and a detailed business plan may be prepared. Both the master plan and the economical study will take into account the availability of cargo, the connections between the port and the hinterland.

The legal aspects and the regulatory framework deserves specific attention, since it will be the basis for building a good and long-term relationship with the local authorities. Besides the land access, the nautical access and the safe navigation to the port and the terminals is of vital essence. All technical aspects are covered by our experts when designing or optimizing a port or a terminal.

Port and terminal feasibility studies, second 2nd opinion, master planning, operations, optimisation, procurement, tendering, hsse, concession strategy.

From Concept to Design

From concept and initial idea to feasibility, master plan and detailed design. When a new concept starts maturing, the first thing is to look at feasibility and answer the core question: “what is the reason of existence of the port or terminal in this location?”. This question covers many aspects: economical, legal, market, technical, connectivity… We like to use a lot of common-sense and start by looking for answers to a few simple questions: what is the market like? Do we have potential customers? Can we set our own tariffs? These are just a few examples. The master plan will start from the reason of existence of the facility. On the basis of the master plan, and the business plan the principle designs will build to develop the facility, or in the case of an existing terminal, the redesign of the facility. In a next step the operational workability needs to be evaluated, and only then the detailed technical designs will be elaborated.

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Procurement and Implementation

After the completion of the design of the new facilities or the redesign of the existing facilities, it is time to procure equipment, technology, software and services. Consulting the market and procurement projects are specialist tasks requiring solid experience and market knowledge. Most terminals go through an extensive procurement cycle one every 20 or more years. Staff need to start this project from the bottom up. Our experts are and have been involved and managed various procurement projects for ports and terminals: terminal handling equipment, terminal operating systems (TOS), port management systems (PCS), added technology such as gate systems, radio data terminals, gps systems  and many others. In these procurement processes, the support of the operations is the main driver.

After concluding the procurement project, we manage and supervise the implementation. From the start of the project to the go-live and beyond.

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Operations and Optimisation: let’s handle the cargo

Handling cargo, that is the driver to develop a port or a terminal. That is what ports and terminals get paid for by their customers. That is the ultimate goal of the designs and the implementation. The actual operations need to be the focus from the start of the project. Coming from the practice, we love operations.

Getting all resources lined up to deliver service to customers in the most efficient and effective way. Doing and handling the vessels as agreed in the contracts with the shipping lines is the basis of the ports and terminals business. Importers and exporters are only happy when their customers receive the goods they ordered. Ports and terminals are a vital element in this logistics chain.

Containers, general cargo, dry bulk, liquids, Ro-Ro… we have worked on all types of terminals, all around the world. This gives you the competitive edge when hiring experts with knowledge of best practices, and will reduce the risks starting up your new terminal.

For existing facilities, we review and audit operations and processes to optimise them and get more out the resources and improve the revenue and the bottom-line.

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Investor advice, 2nd Opinion and Reviews

Assessing a potential project requires good knowledge of ports and terminals, considering all aspects in a holistic way. Especially financial investors appreciate our views on the robustness of a potential project.

Engineering firms value our operational assessment of their designs, to guarantee the workability. Terminal operators appreciate our experience look at the designs, since once a design is finalised and concrete is poured, the constraints are fixed. Modifying constraints is expensive and cumbersome. Preventing and avoiding bottle-necks in designs is part of the scope definition of the project. Involving us early in a project will prevent costly mistakes.


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