Port and Terminal References

Port and Terminal References for strong projects: for every step in the lifecycle of a port and terminal

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Managing and guiding the IT strategy for a port in the Middle-east: port and terminal operations.

  • Business assessment
  • Conduct workshops to select best alternatives using Analytical Hierarchy Processes
  • Advice on best options, strategy and development
  • Identify and development of risk mitigation strategies


Design, definition of requirements for a new port in the Middle-east, the port of Duqm in Oman

  • Master planning
  • Functional specifications of the site and the buildings
  • Development of a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and response plan
  • Specification of cargo handling equipment
  • Procurement assistance and guidance: equipment, construction, services


Development of staffing plans for a major container terminal in Southern Europe

  • Definition of operational processes
  • Function descriptions
  • Duty rosters
  • Training requirements


Sales and Project Steering ot Technology Solutions for Ports and Terminals.

Projects included amongs others: Radio Data Terminal Systems, Automated Gate Systems, Access Control Systems, Position Detection Systems and (D)GPS systems, Automation projects steering unmanned equipment.

[spoiler title=”Customised sales training for the consultants of a technology company.” open=”0″ style=”1″]For a Dutch technology company a PORTSandTERMINALS expert develops and gives a customised Sales training. The consultants of the technology company play an important role as salesperson and need to acquire projects themselves. Sharpening the commercial and sales reflexes contributes significantly to the commercial success and allows the client to strengthen its market position.[/spoiler]

Director and member of the committee of directors of a consultancy and investment company.

For an Antwerp consultancy and investment company, Port of Antwerp International nv (subsidiary of the Antwerp Port Authority), PORTSandTERMINALS expert acts as director: evaluate investment opportunities, due diligence investigations, develop the commercial strategy. For the board of directors, a PORTSandTERMINALS expert develops proposals for investment opportunities in foreign companies in African Asia, Europe, India and the Middle-East..

Design and development of sales tools and visuals for a technology company.

For a Dutch technology company a PORTSandTERMINALS expert develops a full fledged sales book to support the sales processes, and to guarantee that the consultantants continue to apply the uniform sales methodology.

Development of sales tools and visuals for an IT company.

For an Antwerp IT company,  a PORTSandTERMINALS expert develops a full fledged sales book to support the sales processes, and to guarantee that the consultantants continue to apply the uniform sales methodology. The sales book supports the meetings with customers and enhances the meetings, serving as a tool to better understand customers’ needs and requirements.

Development of a corporate brochure for an IT company.

For an Antwerp IT Company, a PORTSandTERMINALS expert develops a comprehensive and complete corporate brochure to actively support the sales processes en to be used as a tool in meetings with customers and prospects.

Sales management as marketing and sales director for an Antwerp  TOS – IT company.
For an Antwerps IT company, COSMOS selling and implementing TOS systems, a PORTSandTERMINALS expert works as commercial director. Sales of  high-value IT solutions for the  international market, worldwide. Manage the commercial team and contract negotiations, values up to EURO 5 million.
Marketing and sales plan for a technology company.
A PORTSandTERMINALS expert develops a marketing and sales plan for a technology company developing, selling and implementering hardware and software solutions for ports and terminals. The plan develops a new strategy for product management and sales. As a result, the market penetration improved and the company strengthened its position as market leader.
Due diligence investigation of a technology company.
For an Antwerp customer, a PORTSandTERMINALS expert conducts the due diligence investigation of a foreign technology company. During the investigation, all aspects were covered: contracten, sales, technology (hardware and software), suppliers, market potential etc. The company investigated did not match expectations. After the in-depth investigation and assessment, the potential buyer concluded not to continue the transaction.

Port and Terminal References for strong projects: for every step in the lifecycle of a port and terminal. Our experts will be more than happy to elaborate on the content and the achievements realised.

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